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Christopher J. Coulson, MAHPP
Eating Disorders Coach

"Christopher, working with you has made all my hopes and dreams start to come true on this new journey through life. You have helped me so much to rebuild my life. I will never be able to thank you enough."
A Successful Client.


The message of this web site is that it is possible to leave behind a so-called eating disorder and move into a freer and more rewarding life. This has been the experience of the great majority of my clients over the last twenty years.

During those years of working as a registered psychotherapist, counselor and coach, I have become convinced that anorexia, bulimia, overeating and their variants are not 'disorders of eating' but are coping mechanisms which respond fairly predictably to changes in our sense of ourselves.

I have invariably found my clients to be intelligent, demanding and rigorous in their assessment of their recovery options. The probability is that you are the same.

Accordingly, I include a great deal of information in these pages to help you start your evaluation. (The contents are outlined below).

When you are ready to find out more, please take up the offer of a free 30-minute telephone discussion. (See: 'Your next step').

Should you decide to work with me, it is easy to arrange. I work over the telephone with clients throughout the world. Many of my clients live in North America, while others live on the continent of Europe. They all 'meet' with me over the 'phone each week.

You can contact me by email, or telephone me toll-free from the USA or the UK. The details are at the bottom of the page.

Thank you for exploring this site.


Site contents:

All about you . . . looks at your unique qualities and how they facilitate our work.

Are you gifted, too? . . . examines the possibility that, like many of my clients, you may be unaware of being a gifted individual.

Client testimonials . . . gives verbatim reports on how clients have experienced their work with me.

Eating disorders coaching . . . looks specifically at coaching as applied to the unique field of those recovering from an eating disorder.

Telephone or face-to-face? . . . examines the advantages and disadvantages of different ways of conducting a developmental partnership.

Fees & Ethics . . . covers the cost and all the 'business' aspects of working together.

Overview: 3 modes of practice . . . looks at the background to coaching, counseling and psychotherapy and explores the theory on which my work is based.

Your next step . . . offers suggestions on how to evaluate and select a practitioner.

Evaluation Q & A . . . asks a number of questions to help you decide on a practitioner and gives my answers.

Views, life story and training . . . details the objective and subjective facts of my life.

Professional affiliations . . . lists the organizations I belong to and which may be valuable links for you.

Christopher J. Coulson


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